Diamond Mastercard

as low as 5.9% APR*
on Balance Transfers and
1.5% Cash Back

Pay off Debt. Earn Interest. Get Cash Back on Every Purchase, Every Day.

*Those with a credit score of 620 or higher with accounts in good standing at FCU may qualify for the 5.9%APR offer for the life of the balance transfer amount. For those with a credit score of 619 or less may qualify for a rate of 12.9%APR for the life of the balance transfer amount. Offer may end at any time and must meet FCU normal underwriting guidelines to qualify.

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Increase Credit Card Limit
MasterCard Benefits

MasterCard holders have benefits to choose from. The most common benefits that may be available with your Mastercard include:







ScoreCard Rewards

With our ScoreCard rewards, you earn points toward travel, merchandise or cash with every purchase you charge. Plus, every time you decide to redeem points, you have the flexibility of choosing what you will redeem for; this month you can redeem for cash, two years from now you could redeem for travel, and the time after that you can redeem for merchandise. It’s all up to you when and what you would like to redeem for. Plus, with FCU’s ScoreCard rewards, you accumulate your points for up to five years.

NEW! Members can redeem points for cash on all our credit cards on the Score Card Website. Click the Visit Website Button Below.
To redeem points for cash, please contact us at (989)497-1600. See below for examples of how our cash redemption works.

Consumer Simply Platinum Cards

5,000 points $25

10,000 points $75

15,000 points $125

20,000 points $175

25,000 points $235

Business Platinum

15,000 points $150

20,000 points $200

25,000 points $250

*Contact Frankenmuth Credit Union.  Restrictions apply, contact us for more information.

Lost-Stolen Card

Lost or Stolen FCU Debit or Credit Card?
Call 1-888-241-2510 (inside U.S.)

Call 1-909-941-1398 (outside U.S.)

To Activate Pin #
Call 989-497-1600

Dispute Card Transactions

Dispute MasterCard Credit or Debit Card Transactions, use form below.

Create A Custom Card

Create your own custom card with images from your smartphone, photo library or social media.

MasterCard Secure Code

Protect yourself when you shop on-line by registering your FCU MasterCard by clicking the button below. It’s another level of security to protect yourself from identity theft.

Get Rates

For loan and credit card rates, click link below.

Protect Card from Fraud

Control Your FCU
Debit and Credit Cards

turn cards on or off
limit locations where cards can be used
set thresholds for transaction amount
specify the types of transactions
specify which merchants cards can be used

Get Real-Time Alerts
On Your Smartphone

when transactions are made
when withdrawals are made from an ATM
when the card is used in a location other than
those specified by you
when the card is used for an unapproved
transaction type or merchant type
when balances fall below a pre-set amount